About Us

Data Sales Company believes that there is a better way to make technology work for your business: IT Leasing. For 50 years, we’ve created custom leasing programs to meet the needs of established Fortune 500 companies along with start-up & emerging markets alike. How can we help your business?

Information technology is essential to doing business. But managing and maintaining it can be a business in itself. Technology Leasing from Data Sales Co. gives you ready access to the technology your business needs to succeed without the hassles of outright ownership at a cost that maximizes your return on investment.

We are a full-service lessor with a history in information technology hardware that spans over four decades. Our IT hardware background, leasing expertise and logistical support uniquely positions us to provide the Full Service Lease: the most comprehensive, flexible lease available. Businesses ranging from start-up and emerging to multinational Fortune 500 corporations have found that it's the best value in business technology today.

We're able to offer competitive lease pricing because, unlike many lessors, we deal exclusively in business technology. We understand the equipment and the resale markets. Our Technology Hardware Sales division works with recertified and refurbished equipment — including storage products, print solutions, networking, PC and server hardware, and parts — we can offer the best selection and value on the market.

And because your business technology needs do not end with leasing or sales, our Business Technology Services division offers value-added services ranging from Transportation, Technical Services and IT Recovery Solutions to Refurbishment, Storage and Data Destruction.