Be Part of Our Enthusiastic, Dedicated Team

Our success as a company is greatly enhanced by the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of our employees. Data Sales believes in building successful relationships; both our employees and customers know that we are in partnership with them for the long haul.



Our continued success and future growth depends on our ability to attract and retain outstanding employees. To ensure we are competitive, we continually assess industry standards, recruitment data among selected high tech companies to benchmark and if necessary adjust our compensation practices.

Paid Time Off (PTO):

All full-time employees accrue between 128 and up to 208 hours of paid time off per year. PTO accruals are based on seniority and Data Sales Co. awards bonus time for achieving certain seniority goals.


New employees are eligible for their insurance benefits on their first day of employment. The full-time employee working 30 hours per week may cover their spouse and their unmarried children until the end of the month of the child’s 26th birthday. Covered dependent children are then eligible for COBRA continuation after their covered eligibility runs out for up to 36 months, at the employee’s expense.

Health Care Coverage
We offer 3 traditional and 3 high-deductible health plans with varying deductibles and networks thru United Healthcare. Employees may choose the plan that is the best fit for them. Included in our healthcare package is an Employer/Employee funded Health Savings Account (HSA) administered by Optum to aid in meeting plan deductibles.

H$A Employer Contribution:

  • If you elect the 1500 HDHP plan, Data Sales will contribute $750 for individual coverage and $1500 for family coverage.
  • If you elect the 3000 or 5000 HDHP plan, Data Sales will contribute $1500 for individual coverage and $3000 for family coverage.
  • Participants who elect a traditional plan are not eligible for the H$A.

In addition, Data Sales offers benefits through Colonial Life that are payable directly to the employee through additional Accident Insurance, Group Critical Illness Insurance, Group Cancer Insurance and a Medical Bridge & Hospital Confinement Policy.

Dental & Vision Coverage
Dental & Vision coverage are joint plans and must be elected together. Plans are administered through United Healthcare.

Dental Benefits are as follows: Dental

Vision benefits are as follows: Vision

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
Basic (100% employer-paid) life and AD&D insurance is provided automatically at no cost to eligible employees at 1x their annual covered earnings, up to $50,000.  You may also elect voluntary (100% employee-paid) group universal life and voluntary (100% employee-paid) AD&D insurance for yourself and any eligible dependents.

Short-term and Long-term Disability
Basic (100% employer-paid) disability insurance provides income protection if you are unable to perform your job due to illness or injury (including pregnancy/childbirth). Short-term disability insurance pays up to 60% of your covered weekly earnings up to $2308 per week. Long-term disability insurance pays up to 60% of covered monthly earnings up to $10,000 per month. 

Educational Assistance Program
Our educational assistance program is available to help you pursue educational opportunities that can advance your career. Each calendar year, you may be reimbursed up to $1500 for approved undergraduate/graduate college courses or up to $500 for approved continuing educational expenses.

Adoption Assistance Program
Our adoption assistance program is available to eligible employees with at least 180 days of continuous service prior to the date of the final adoption decree(s). If you are adopting a child through private adoption or a licensed adoption agency, you may be reimbursed up to $1500 of eligible adoption expenses per qualified adoption.

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program is available to all employees (full-time, part-time or seasonal) and their dependents. The program is administered by Optum and offers a variety of resources to support every aspect of your health and wellbeing, including your physical, social, emotional and financial health.

Retirement Plan:

Data Sales Co. offers a comprehensive 401(k) retirement plan through Principal Financial where qualified employees can set aside a percentage of their gross salary on a pre-tax basis for retirement planning. Participants may contribute from 1% to 100% of their total pay in either/both after-tax Roth contributions or pre-tax 401k contributions.

DSC will match 100% of the first 3% of the pay you contribute to the plan through salary deferral. You will receive the matched contributions if you are an active participant on the last day of the plan year, and you worked at least 1,000 hours during the latest accrual service period ending on or before that date. You are always 100% vested in the contributions YOU choose to defer and in the matching contribution.

Paid Holidays:

Data Sales observes the following paid holidays for full-time employees each year:
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (½ day) and Christmas Day. Employees may use their personal days to extend these holidays or to observe others.

Employee Club:

Data Sales Co. funds the Employee Club made up of a group of employees who plan monthly events throughout the year. Employee only events include Prime Rib in the Park, company-wide lunches, volunteer activities including the Veteran’s Home, Adopt-A-Park & sandwich making for homeless plus fun activities including the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, White Elephant Gift Exchange and an annual baseball game.

Fun Fridays:

On Fridays, full-time employees can leave one hour before their regularly scheduled end time on Fridays, YES – EVERY FRIDAY! This equates to an extra 6 ½ days of paid time off over the course of the year! We ask employees to work with their supervisor and department to plan accordingly to ensure all needs are covered and/or met before departing.


At Data Sales Co., we value the wisdom and experience our new employees bring to their employer. When you hire on with us, you will also be exposed to numerous opportunities to learn, develop and grow. Whether it's learning on the job or externally through other educators, we encourage and support further training and education. Many long-term employees have added significantly to their knowledge and skill base and have reaped the rewards of their additional efforts.

Casual Dress Code:

Employees may dress in appropriate casual attire Monday – Friday. We require casual clothing that is appropriate for a professional office & warehouse environment.