Ron Breckner

Data Sales was founded in 1973 by Ronald Breckner. Previously, Ron enjoyed a successful career at IBM where he gained a broad knowledge of the computer industry. With his extensive experience, he decided the time was right to begin his own business.

Initially Data Sales functioned as a computer brokerage firm. Over time, we developed into a full-service IT Dealer and Lessor. Today, Data Sales offers a wide variety of services including: innovative technology leasing solutions for all business sizes, purchasing, selling and trading of IBM mainframes and parts, IT technical services and refurbishment, as well as equipment pick up and delivery across the nation – via our own fleet of trucks.

From humble beginnings in our founder’s home office, Data Sales purchased its first office and warehouse building in 1977. The new space allowed the company to inventory equipment and begin the transition from a broker to a dealer. Data Sales also purchased the customer leases and parts inventories of FabriTek and Standard Memories, Inc.. The purchase of these companies allowed Data Sales to offer a wider selection of services and greater stock of inventory.

In 1979, Data Sales began offering equipment leases, and through the years we have continued to expand our leasing options. Leasing has become the largest segment of our business. At that time, the building blocks of our custom specialized business software system were established. We have continuously developed the software since then, and it continues to be a pillar of serving the needs of our customers.

Data Sales expanded their physical footprint into Scottsdale, Arizona in 1988 with an office, warehouse, and dedicated trucking fleet. The requirements to meet customer demand across the country was a driving factor of opening in the southwest.

Following the expansion into Arizona, our flagship Minnesota location was built in 1991. Located in Burnsville, Minnesota, near the 35W corridor, our custom designed building offers 180,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. The facility has been the headquarters ever since and allows Data Sales to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing technology market.

In the late 2000s, Ron Breckner took a step back to enjoy semi-retirement and the second generation began leading Data Sales under the stewardship of Paul Breckner, President, Robert Breckner, Chief Operating Officer, Bill Breckner, Vice President, and Jane Pederson, Vice President. Data Sales expanded internationally in 2011 into Canada, and later, in 2013, into the Netherlands. International growth has brought exciting opportunities and challenges that allow us to meet the constantly developing needs of our customers.

Knowledge and experience have brought Data Sales from a home-based office to more than 200,000 square feet of company-owned space, facilities in two states and the capabilities to provide the best products and services to our customers world-wide. As the industry changes, we are positioned to change with it as we always have. Today, our focus is on technology leasing for start-up and fast growing companies, information technology asset disposition (ITAD), IBM mainframe/parts buying and selling and transportation.

In 2013, Ron was proud to see some of his grandchildren join the Data Sales team. The third generation continue to work in various departments expanding their knowledge and experience. In what was already a difficult year, Ron Breckner passed away in 2020. The standards he set for Data Sales quality, service, excellence and reputation continue to be the foundation of our success as we now celebrate 50 years in business.